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Florida Telecommunicator Uses Real-time RapidVideo from Radius Mapping to Save a Man Overboard in Ocean | Walton County, FL
Florida Dispatcher Uses RapidDeploy's Radius Mapping and RapidVideo to Help Woman Save Her Husband | Walton County, FL
Empowering Emergency Services: The Power of Eclipse Analytics
Your comprehensive, holistic view of 911 call data across ECCs and PSAPs. Make smarter, data-driven decisions in emergency response management with Eclipse Analytics
Celebrating Heroic Actions in Arizona with RapidDeploy's Radius Mapping Additional Data Feature - Honoring Derrik Gregg with Superstar Award | Scottsdale, AZ
Maui County 911 Center Honored with RapidDeploy Superstar Award for Heroic Efforts During Fires in Hawaii Utilizing Radius Mapping | Maui, HI
Advancing Public Safety: The Impact of RapidDeploy on 911 Services
Discover How Radius Mapping, Lightning, and Eclipse Analytics are Shaping the Future
Revolutionize Emergency Response with Radius Mapping
When the mission is to save lives, every piece of information and every detail matters—Take a closer look at Radius Mapping
Explore Lightning
Equipping field responders with real-time, actionable information helps teams get to the incident faster and drives better outcomes.
Meet Lightning - The Mobile Application for First Responders
Get a sneak peek and watch how RapidDeploy's Lightning drives faster and safer incident responses from the palm of your hand.
California Telecommunicator ensures a high-risk rescue of a kidnapping victim using RapidText in Radius Mapping | Riverside, CA
Minnesota DPS utilizes Radius Mapping to pinpoint caller's location, access medical data, and attach screenshot for EMS rescue | Dakota County, MN
NCT9-1-1 in Texas uses Radius Mapping to track fallen 911 call with GPS coordinates through smartwatch and convey medical history to response teams | Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
RapidDeploy Celebrates Heroes in Honor of National First Responders Day
RapidDeploy is proud to recognize every first responder, from the heroes on the headset, to the individuals in the field, for their service, commitment and life-saving actions. Thank you for all that you do.
Customer Testimonial: Walton County Sheriff's Office | Walton County, FL
Watch the full Walton County, Florida customer testimonial story from RapidDeploy plus see how one of their Telecommunicators received the first-ever Superstar Award for her quick thinking under pressure using Radius Mapping's RapidVideo.
Communications Officer in California uses RapidText in Radius Mapping to communicate with, locate, and rescue a kidnapped woman | Riverside, CA
Telecommunicator uses breadcrumbs and satellite mapping layers in Radius to safely return lost trail hiker in Arizona | Scottsdale, AZ
Empowering Teams with RapidDeploy's Center of Excellence
Training, support, and success throughout the end-to-end customer journey
Transforming Emergency Response with Lightning | Haskell County, KS
Sheriff Briggs on Lightning App's Impact for Kansas 911 and Field Responders
Optimizing Workforce Efficiency with the Eclipse Staffing Module 
In an era where staffing shortages are a growing challenge, RapidDeploy is proud to share the staffing benefits of Eclipse Analytics.
PSAPs in Kentucky use Radius Mapping in emergency CAD ransomware attacks, to locate ATV accident victim with only country mile markers and no address, and to support calls in different languages | Lexington, KY
Telecommunicators use Radius Mapping to help find exact location of 911 child call in volatile situation and text dropped calls to find lost hikers in California | Santa Cruz, CA
The State of Kansas uses RapidLocate to save a stroke victim, finding 911 callers with no addresses, and text capabilities all with Radius Mapping | KS 911 Coordinating Council
South Carolina county uses text translation in domestic violence situation and RapidLocate in bomb threat with Radius Mapping to secure safe outcomes | Greenville, SC
Walton County, Florida Dispatcher Saves Life of Man Who Fell Overboard with RapidDeploy's Radius Mapping feature, RapidVideo | Walton County, FL
Mission Matters - RapidDeploy Brand Video
RapidDeploy’s mission is saving lives by reducing response times. Our cloud-native platform integrates data and applications in a centralized Next Generation 911 ecosystem, delivering solutions that matter in the mission to save lives.
Eclipse Analytics: Insight Matters - NCT911 | DFW, TX
How does having actionable 911 data at your fingertips create better emergency response outcomes? LeAnna Russell, 911 Data Manager at NCT911, weighs in and shares her excitement on Eclipse Analytics and the power of having real-time, daily critical intelligence to inform her decisions.
The History of RapidDeploy
RapidDeploy started when a volunteer paramedic and a Sea Rescue volunteer questioned why billions of dollars were spent each year to maintain expensive and out-of-date technology.
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