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Share and submit inspiring save stories and help us recognize first responders, including the heroes behind the headset.

Your Stories Matter

 Every day, heroic efforts are made by individuals in ECCs and PSAPs nationwide who navigate high-pressure situations with skill and compassion, making every crucial moment matter, one call at a time.

Help us recognize these heroes by highlighting the 911 emergencies where RapidDeploy played a role in supporting a better outcome, from delivering the right mission-critical data to saving a life.

RapidDeploy Superstar Award

Recognizing individuals for excellence in action

The Superstar Award is a prestigious award reserved for those who have made a life-saving impact, demonstrate exceptional use of RapidDeploy technology, and continue to enhance emergency response throughout their community.

The Superstar Award is given quarterly and is evaluated based on the following factors:
Innovative Use of RapidDeploy
Submissions must utilize RapidDeploy solutions in a critical, life-saving effort, and demonstrate the power of NG911 in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the emergency services.
Extraordinary Life-Saving Impact
Submissions must be associated with cases where their actions led to significant life-saving outcomes.
Community Support and Beyond
Submissions must support a commitment to collaboration across colleagues, advancing 911 with new innovation, knowledge sharing and training, or volunteering efforts that contribute to improving emergency response.

RapidDeploy Celebrates First Recipient of the Superstar Award, Recognizing Excellence in Action

In April 2023, Walton County Sheriff’s Office Dispatcher, Heather Mayo, received a 911 call from a woman whose husband had fallen overboard. Mayo immediately leveraged life-saving data and applications with RapidDeploy’s Radius Mapping to help the woman rescue her husband who had drifted away in the Florida bay.

Heather combined the power of live video, location accuracy, and real-time movement tracking to work with her team at the agency to assist the woman in getting the boat started and reaching her husband.

Watch the video for the full story on why Heather is a RapidDeploy Superstar.

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Mapping and Analytics Solutions

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Our customers continue to inspire us each and every day. We want to hear all of the incredible stories of how RapidDeploy is helping to drive better emergency outcomes.

Together, we can save lives.

Our customers continue to inspire us each and every day. Hear all of the incredible save stories of how RapidDeploy is helping to drive better emergency outcomes.
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