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What Is RapidDeploy?

RapidDeploy is a platform that simplifies the complexity of emergency services dispatch.

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Our system boasts the latest technological features to dispatch, manage, and streamline your fleet.


We are market leaders in dispatching fleets quickly and efficiently.


Our intelligent, embedded systems track and analyse data from your vehicle.


Our bulk dispatching can make any fleet more efficient.


Know the status of each vehicle through our fully integrated system.


Our mobile tracking is part of every aspect of your fleet’s journey.


Your workforce will always be in touch.


Get there faster, using the quickest possible route.


Easy allocation of jobs via bulk dispatching.

About Us


RapidDeploy simplifies the complexity of emergency services dispatch, making a real and positive impact on your business. Through the use of advanced telematics, we create full electronic ecosystems that give you complete control of your system data from beginning to end. As world leaders in dispatch technology, we have the experience and expertise to deploy this technology effectively.

Brett Meyerowitz


Brett has combined over 15 years of proven experience in IT with a passion for streamlining the way emergency services are deployed. Brett began working for Intel straight out of school. His career took him to London, where he was CTO of an online gaming business for ten years.

On moving back to South Africa, he grew interested in driving efficiency in emergency services. He completed his Basic Ambulance Assistant (BAA) training and started working on the road, gaining real world experience about what was holding these teams back. He was surprised to discover deep inefficiencies within the system. Teams spent hours waiting to get a call from the control room, and when the call came, critical time was wasted as they tried to find the destination of the incident. He built a mobile platform designed to disrupt and improve this low tech space, and partnered with TomTom two years ago to leverage their technology for this cause.

Since then, RapidDeploy has dispatched thousands of vehicles and attended to the lives of  thousands of people through their system. As the service takes hold, the initial seed of his idea remains – in his spare time he can still be found working on Cape Town’s roads as a volunteer paramedic.

Steven Raucher


Steven approaches innovation with a keen sense of business. He started his career in finance at UBS Investment Bank, then worked in Index Arbitrage and Trading for Credit Suisse. After taking a sabbatical to travel from London to Australia by motorbike, he dived into the world of global and emerging equity derivative markets, working for Greenwich Europe, ICAP Plc and Sunrise Brokers. He was a partner at the Opus Real Estate Fund before moving back to South Africa where he and Brett are rolling out RapidDeploy to the entire market.

Jason Kampel

Head of Sales – Armed Response and Private Security

Jason is a tech-savvy entrepreneur and one of the original members of the Rapiddeploy team.

He heads up sales for the armed response and security sector, as well advising on product implementation and technical best practices. Drawing on his deep technical and analytical expertise, he founded a company in 2014 that specialises in large-scale video surveillance and analytics systems deployment.

Jason is very passionate about saving lives, volunteering as both a lifeguard and sea rescue volunteer across Cape Town’s beaches.

He is very excited to roll out Rapiddeploy’s pioneering technology to the private security sector, driving their mission to simplify emergency services dispatch.


Our clients dispatch faster and smarter with RapidDeploy. This has made a powerful impact on their businesses.


Real stories about the impact of our platform on the road.

“RapidDeploy is the only Computer Aided Dispatch platform that is endorsed by SAPAESA. It will quite literally change how we think about dispatch and coordination of the emergency medical services in South Africa. Developed by South African paramedics and addressing the unique challenges of the South African EMS market, it ensures that the closest emergency vehicle is always identified first, enabling the fastest possible response to any medical emergency – saving time and saving lives.”

Oliver Wright
Chief Executive Officer
South African Private Ambulance and Emergency Services Association (SAPAESA)

“The RapidDeploy System is completely user friendly, making the coordination and dispatching of emergency vehicles so simple. It has streamlined my productivity tenfold. Best system by far. “

Eric Nicholls
VitalMed Emergency Medical Response

“The front end is easy to operate. Training dispatchers and call takers on the system has been effortless and minimised training time due to the efficiency of the system. This coupled with the TomTom GPS tracking and maps allows for a fully integrated system with 24 hour notifications and assistance. Rapid Deploy has allowed our company to develop solutions to our national client base and at the same time allowed each operation to operate on its own and in the process has saved time and funds by eliminating other costly methods of “old” conventional dispatching.”

Graydon Norton
Immediate Medical

“Since moving to RapidDeploy we have captured nearly 6000 incidents into the system. We can quickly and accurately capture call details, which enables us to send the closest available resource – greatly reducing time trying to find the caller’s location and helping us make an even quicker difference!The RapidDeploy mobile application has further enabled our contact centre to track first responders in real time, and allowing us to send the closet first responder to a scene in under three minutes.”

Ian Austin
Community Medics

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