What Is RapidDeploy?

RapidDeploy is the world's most technically advanced Call Taking and Computer Aided Dispatch platform Learn More

The Platform

Public Safety

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Our system boasts the latest technological features to dispatch, manage, and streamline your fleet.


RapidDeploy uses best in class cloud and Telematics technology to enhance situational awareness for First Responders.


Unbelievable accuracy and time saving integrations allow precise incident location discovery. Assistance scripts and dynamic forms allow capturing of specific information for First Responders in the field.


Multi-agency, Multi-service Drag and Drop ability to dispatch Responders in Police, Fire and EMS.


AVL and APL are core components of RapidDeploy.


From Incident Creation, Call Take, Dispatch and Reporting – we have you covered.


Full Field Service ability with Dynamic Forms, Artificial Intelligence, License Plate Scanning, Driver’s License Scanning, Scene Photos and Signatures.  Assign Status and Beats through integrated Workflow Status Monitor.


Get there faster, using the most efficient route.  Integration with Mapping Services allows accurate routing of vehicles.


Schedule your special events, from Game Day to Festivals in the platform.

About Us


RapidDeploy is the world’s most advanced call taking and computer-aided dispatch platform. We combine advanced telematics with real, on-the-ground experience to provide relevant, simple-to-use systems that allow you to maximize the efficiency of your service and enable your teams to share and report critical information in real-time.

RapidDeploy is designed to make every second count, because saving time means saving lives.



Real stories about the impact of our platform on the road.

“After spending two years to complete our last “traditional” CAD implementation I realized that the industry will never truly get to take advantage of the benefits of Next Generation technologies in if we continue this way. Our systems have become beasts that come with huge capital funding commitments, are not adaptable, are difficult to interface with and limit the ability to partner with other industry leaders. I told myself that the CAD industry needs to re-machine themselves to adopt common service platforms. Then I had the opportunity to witness a RapidDeploy demo, and I knew I wasn’t crazy. Someone is actually doing this! Imagine rapid CAD deployments with no downtime and integrations with applications providing services valuable to Emergency Response…in DAYS, not YEARS. It’s in there!”

Bob Finney III, ENP
Director, Communications
Collier County Sheriff’s Office, Naples FL

“Out-of-the-box thinking and development from RapidDeploy!  Built by responders, without the limitations and barriers of legacy 9-1-1.  Cloud technology and hosted systems are available today, bringing efficiencies and interfaces for additional multi-media data.  The opportunities for interoperability, scalability and new features from this modern solution are truly exciting.”

Christy Williams
Director of 9-1-1 at North Central Texas Council of Governments

“RapidDeploy built their CAD from scratch without using legacy technology or theories – as a hosted system. This allowed them to create an ever-evolving, feature-rich product using the most current technology that seamlessly integrates with other IP technologies – at a fraction of the cost of a traditional CAD.

It answers the question “if Google can do it, why can’t Public Safety?”.

Even if you aren’t in the market for a CAD, this is worth a look. It is the future of CAD.”

Sally Lawrence
Sarasota 9-1-1 Coordinator
Florida State 9-1-1 Coordinators Group Chair since 2010

“RapidDeploy is leveraging the future of the cloud and mobile!”

TJ Kennedy
CEO of The Public Safety Network
Former President of First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet)

“The front end is easy to operate. Training dispatchers and call takers on the system has been effortless and minimised training time due to the efficiency of the system. This coupled with the TomTom GPS tracking and maps allows for a fully integrated system with 24 hour notifications and assistance. Rapid Deploy has allowed our company to develop solutions to our national client base and at the same time allowed each operation to operate on its own and in the process has saved time and funds by eliminating other costly methods of “old” conventional dispatching.”

Graydon Norton
Immediate Medical

“Since moving to RapidDeploy we have captured over 12 000 incidents in the system. We can quickly and accurately capture call details, which enables us to send the closest available resource – greatly reducing time trying to find the caller’s location and helping us make an even quicker difference! The RapidDeploy mobile application has further enabled our contact centre to track first responders in real time, and allowing us to send the closet first responder to a scene in under three minutes.”

Kevin Jones
Community Medics

“The RapidDeploy System is completely user friendly, making the coordination and dispatching of emergency vehicles so simple. It has streamlined my productivity tenfold. Best system by far. “

Eric Nicholls
VitalMed Emergency Medical Response

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