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RapidDeploy Empowers First Responders with Collaborative Communication and Incident Management Tools
RapidDeploy unveils ECC Messaging and Critical Incident Boards for Radius Mapping platform
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AUSTIN, Texas (May 2, 2024) - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – RapidDeploy, the leading cloud-native solution provider for public safety, announced the release of two collaboration tools designed to enhance the effectiveness and interoperability of public safety agencies: interagency messaging and video aggregation. These two new features for the Radius Mapping platform now enhance interagency communication capabilities and add real-time video aggregation to improve situational awareness both in the center and in the field.

These game-changing collaborative capabilities highlight RapidDeploy's commitment to building mission-critical technology that fosters multi-agency collaboration and connects all first responders with real-time data more effectively than ever.

ECC Messaging Streamlines Interagency Communications

RapidDeploy’s Radius Mapping platform introduces ECC Messaging, a pivotal new feature that facilitates seamless, real-time information exchange across multiple ECCs. This feature allows telecommunicators to initiate and manage chat conversations easily, enhancing coordination during critical incidents and routine operations alike.  

With ECC Messaging, response teams no longer need to pick up the phone to relay important information one agency at a time, significantly reducing response times and improving decision-making processes.

Critical Incident Board Provides Enhanced Situational Awareness

RapidDeploy also announced the release of the Critical Incident Board (CIB), a dynamic video dashboard within the Radius Mapping platform that aggregates live feeds from CCTV, RapidVideo sessions, and a myriad of video sources. This tool is designed to provide a comprehensive visual overview of a situation based on a defined location or incident area, allowing ECCs to manage resources effectively and respond to emergencies with precision. From tactical situations to large public events, the CIB enables unprecedented situational awareness and preparedness, ensuring public safety and efficient incident management.

"These video dashboards will also be available in the Lightning Mobile App, ensuring what is visible to telecommunicators is also accessible to field responders,” added Steve Raucher, CEO and co-founder of RapidDeploy. “We know this will improve coordinated responses and situational awareness across the board and will transform outcomes for emergency response."

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About RapidDeploy

Founded in 2016, and based in Austin, TX, RapidDeploy is the leading cloud-native platform for public safety. We provide Next Generation 911 solutions that deliver intelligent information throughout the emergency response journey, empowering agencies and first responders to drive better outcomes in mission-critical situations. With a curated partner network, our platform combines mobile signals, critical datasets, and call information into a single operating system, improving emergency response with location accuracy, situational awareness, modern communications, and actionable insights. Our products improve outcomes and ultimately save lives. In 2024, RapidDeploy earned recognition for the 7th year in a row as a prominent company to watch on the GovTech 100 list, and as a winner on Fast Company’s 2024 Most Innovative Company list. Learn more at

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