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Kansas 911 Awards RapidDeploy Multi-Year Statewide Contract for its New Mobile App, Lightning
Press Release

The Lightning app will provide thousands of first responders with 911 call data in the palms of their hands, reducing response times and improving incident outcomes


AUSTIN, TX (August 3, 2023) - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - RapidDeploy, the leading cloud-native solution provider for Public Safety, today announced Lightning, a new mobile app that delivers 911 call data and critical information directly to first responders’ mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Kansas will be the first statewide customer to harness the power of Lightning, enabling the sharing of data across state and local stakeholders, and providing more than 100 911 centers and 24,000 first responders access to real-time, life-saving information to aid in response efforts.

Typically, emergency response teams grapple with fragmented information, communication and barriers that persist between multiple agencies, limiting the information flowing directly into first responders in the field.

The Lightning application is powered by RapidDeploy’s primary call-taking map, Radius Mapping, extending Next Generation 911 technology beyond its current footprint of over 1,500 call centers, and through this mobile app into the hands of the responders on the front lines. First responders leveraging the mobile app will have access to real-time 911 call data, location accuracy, video feeds, GIS mapping layers, and more, providing situational awareness, improving joint inter-agency communications, and delivering a new level of visibility amongst responders.

Lightning plays a crucial role in RapidDeploy’s quest to democratize public safety by offering its comprehensive Next Generation 911 product suite of mapping, analytics, and now mobile capabilities, to all agencies. This approach ensures accessibility and promotes inclusivity, even in rural areas with limited technology. RapidDeploy’s new mobile app is secure, reliable, and accessible for Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, Emergency Management, Highway Patrol and various other first responding agencies.

“Our new mobile app goes beyond the limitations of current tools in the field, giving first responders access to a mobile command center that empowers them with modern, life-saving technology,” says Steve Raucher, CEO of RapidDeploy. “Lightning consolidates critical information into hand-held view, allowing for seamless access to incident and responder location, streaming video, school blueprints, digitized maps, plus real-time coordination with 911 centers, other responding officers and agencies.”

The Kansas 911 Coordinating Council has been a statewide Radius Mapping customer since 2019, and will be the first to adopt the Lightning app statewide across all disciplines, making it available to thousands of first responders, including volunteers.  

“The vote was unanimous to approve statewide procurement of RapidDeploy’s new mobile app, and as the first statewide customer, we are proud to adopt this ground-breaking technology,” said Michele Abbott, Communication and Training Coordinator, KS911 Coordinating Council. “Radius Mapping is already available across our 911 centers, and now with the addition of an app like Lightning, we can put the same level of mission-critical information in the hands of our field responders who risk their lives each and every day. We’re excited to offer this innovative solution to Law, Fire, and EMS, which will help prioritize the safety of those in the field and ensure that we can better serve our communities.”

Specific key features to include:

●     Bring your own device (BYOD), making the app available to all first responders, from Law, Fire, EMS and beyond

●     Responder location sharing (including Z-axis), providing a holistic view of critical incidents and tracking of first responders

●     Live incident board for improved communications, response and better outcomes for large-scale incidents

●     Vehicle telematics signals, visualizing cut plans to aide in extrication  

●     Direct access to CCTV and real-time video sharing supporting greater first responders preparedness and emergency outcomes

●     View authoritative GIS and indoor floor plans directly within the mobile map


Lightning will offer broad device compatibility, supporting both iOS and Android platforms. Statewide licensing options will be available to enable organizations to implement this comprehensive emergency response solution throughout their jurisdictions.

The new Lightning application will be unveiled at APCO in Nashville, where Steve Raucher will be joined on stage by Troy Briggs, KS911 Coordinating Council Chairman, Haskell County Sheriff and Michele Abbott, Communication and TrainingCoordinator, KS911 Coordinating Council. The featured session will take place on Monday, August 7 at 3:45pm EST in the presentation theater location in the APCO exhibit hall.


For more information, visit the website here.  


About RapidDeploy

Founded in 2016, and based in Austin, TX, RapidDeploy is the leading cloud-native platform for public safety. We provide Telecommunicators, First Responders, and 911 agencies with Next Generation solutions that deliver intelligent information and drive better outcomes in mission-critical situations. With a curated partner network, our platform combines mobile signals, critical datasets, and call information into a single screen, improving emergency response with location accuracy, situational awareness, unified communications, and on-demand insights. Our products improve outcomes and ultimately save lives. In 2023, RapidDeploy earned recognition as a prominent company to watch on the GovTech 100 list, and as one of the best places to work by Built In. Learn more at


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