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EDG Device
Proprietary Emergency Data Gateway by RapidDeploy

EDG is RapidDeploy’s patented Emergency Data Gateway device

The EDG device bridges the gap between legacy environments and the cloud, serving as the connection between different systems and networks.

EDG is responsible for facilitating the transfer of information from local PSAPs and ECCs into the cloud, enabling connectivity, data integration, and interoperability. Information collected and sent by EDG is vital to powering RapidDeploy’s suite of cloud-native solutions.

How is EDG installed?
The EDG device is deployed on-site an installed — at no extra cost — with the coordination of a local IT person or the vendor who manages the technical aspects of the CPE solution.

All maintenance and updates on the device are done remotely through cloud capabilities.

Additionally, each device is monitored by a team of engineers to assist in updating and triaging any device issues.

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