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Saving Lives Matters: Walton County Dispatcher Saves Life of Man Who Fell Overboard with RapidDeploy Technology

Courtesy of Fox10 News, Walton County Florida

Next Generation 911 Technology is Improving Outcomes – The power of RapidDeploy’s location accuracy and video technology supports a lifesaving rescue mission

Leveraging modern communications and critical data provided by our partners, Walton County Dispatcher, Heather Mayo was able to provide life-saving support in the moments that mattered most during a recent boating incident.  

  • Dispatch received a distressed call from a mobile device, expressing that her husband had fallen overboard and was drifting away
  • The integrated video feeds and accuracy of RapidLocate enabled the dispatcher to provide real-time, critical information so that the wife could successfully reach her husband and pull him back onboard the boat
  • RapidDeploy’s Radius Mapping solution instantly acquired the call details, including the exact location of the boat in the Choctawhatchee Bay
  • Leveraging RapidVideo, Radius Mapping captured live video footage from the mobile device, which helped them to coach the wife in getting the boat started so that she could reach her husband in time to save his life
  • According to Mayo, “It definitely helps our responders to be able to see what they see”
  • Specific data, ‘breadcrumbs’, plotted the exact coordinates of the boat in real-time, giving the dispatcher clarity of the direction the boat was headed

“This technology is critical in situations where we need to see what the caller is seeing. The bay was choppy that afternoon and had we not been able to walk her through this situation, she may not have been able to retrieve her husband from the water. Every second matters when it comes to saving lives. Streamlined access to life-saving data can make all the difference. Heather Mayo was calm in a chaotic situation and was able to guide the caller throughout the entire situation.”

- Sheriff Michael Adkinson, Walton County Florida.

NG911 solutions provide critical information and the technology integrations needed to drive better outcomes. Today, RapidDeploy Radius Mapping solution is leveraged by 1,500+ emergency communications centers for:

  • Location Accuracy: Mobile location data to pinpoint callers using mobile location
  • Situational Awareness: Unified map for all data sources built to save lives and improve responder safety
  • Modern Communications: Tools and interoperability built for communication in a digital and mobile-supported era

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