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Save Story: Kentucky: Mom Rescued with Enhanced Location Accuracy
RapidDeploy Pinpoints Location of Mom Trapped in ATV in Rural Area
“We know when 9-1-1 rings RapidDeploy is going to pinpoint where that caller is.”

– Beth Kallin, Director of Lawrenceburg-Anderson County 911, Kentucky

A Kentucky mother of two found herself in a dangerous situation when her ATV flipped over, trapping her leg underneath. Although she was able to call 9-1-1, she was unable to provide her precise location.

With Kentucky covered by large rural areas, it can be hard to pinpoint the exact location.

Fortunately, the Lawrenceburg dispatchers leverage RapidDeploy as their for next generation call-taking map, which enabled them to identify her exact location even in the neighboring county.

Recognizing her spotty cell service, they opted not to disconnect and instead contacted the PSAP in the next jurisdiction and were able to guide first responder to her location.  

Watch the full save story here:

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