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RapidDeploy Supports Arizona in Super Bowl LVII with Radius Mapping
How RapidDeploy's Cloud-Native Mapping Solution Ensured Safety and Situational Awareness During the Massive Event

Super Bowl LVII, held on February 12, 2023, at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, was a massive event that required a robust emergency response plan to ensure the safety of attendees and residents alike.  

RapidDeploy played a crucial role in supporting Arizona, ensuring that multiple 911 agencies in the Glendale and Scottsdale areas had a cloud-native mapping solution that met their emergency requirements for a large-scale event in record time – less than two weeks.  

With RapidDeploy’s Radius Mapping and Eclipse Analytics solutions already implemented across the state of Arizona, we collaborated with multiple agencies to create a unified mapping platform with a holistic view of all 911 calls coming into the centers. The enabled real-time emergency response and enhanced situational awareness.

In addition to establishing a single map for all 911 calls and providing access to agencies across Glendale Arizona, RapidDeploy partnered with DATAMARK GIS for GIS hosting and Critical Response Group to visualize detailed floor plans of the stadium and surrounding grounds, providing a new level of critical information to aid in response efforts.

Download the complete Case study here learn more about:  

  • How multiple agencies leverage a single map for all 911 calls
  • The benefits of digital floor plans integrated with Radius Mapping
  • How RapidDeploy can support you in large-scale events with proven deployment and implementation and robust training and customer support
  • The value of NG911 capabilities including 2-way Text to communicate with callers and greater situational awareness

Super Bowl LVII in Arizona served as a testament to the importance of seamless emergency response coordination during large-scale events. By delivering real-time information in a single pane of glass, RapidDeploy demonstrated the value of a shared view across multiple agencies and jurisdictions, and supported the promise of driving better outcomes, improving emergency response, and enhancing 911 workflows.

"By using RapidDeploy as our primary map, we were able to provide the Super Bowl emergency response teams a single view of 911 calls plotted on the stadium floor plans for faster and safer responses." - Jerel Frazier, Program Coordinator at State of Arizona
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