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RapidDeploy is Ready to Support Florida’s Bill for New School Safety Measures
Florida Senate Bill 212 now requires accurate and real-time access to indoor floor plans for improved public safety
Photo: Critical Response Group and RapidDeploy’s Radius Mapping visualizing indoor mapping to support school safety measures

Accurate and accessible indoor floor plans are essential for school safety. Florida Senate Bill 212 now requires communities to provide human-verified indoor floor plans and mandates that these maps are accessible by 911 for improved public safety.

RapidDeploy is proud to partner with companies like Critical Response Group (CRG) to improve school safety and ready to support Florida Senate Bill 212. By integrating school floor plans directly into RapidDeploy Radius Mapping, call takers have instant awareness of a caller inside or near the school, and can automatically see the location of the caller inside the building—all within an accurate and digitized floor plan.

When moments matter, having a single unified view of all available data is essential to support the school safety workflow. Our curated and robust partner network includes data and applications that integrate directly within Radius Mapping to support school safety, including indoor mapping, panic buttons, CCTV, and real-time visualization of information on authoritative GIS.

Powered by the cloud, Radius Mapping integrates floor plans into agency authoritative and commercially available GIS data and automatically plots the location of 911 caller, giving call takers and dispatchers the situational awareness they need to route emergency services effectively and efficiently.

Once the call or signal is initiated from a landline, mobile device, or panic button, the location appears on the live map, showing the exact caller location, within the school, in real-time. Instant access to critical location information and floor plan intelligence enables more effective communication with the caller and first responders.

Leveraging technology that integrates accurate floor plans and emergency calls, and visualizes it in a single screen significantly enhances school safety measures and can improve outcomes.

If your agency is currently working to understand how to visualize current or future floor plans or panic button data within your 9-1-1 systems, RapidDeploy can help.

Get in touch with us to learn more.

You can also visit Critical Response Group for more information.

When moments matter, having a single unified view of all available data is essential to support the school safety workflow.
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