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Introducing the Future of Emergency Response: RapidDeploy's Critical Incident Board

In the realm of emergency response, every second counts. That's why at RapidDeploy, we're constantly innovating to provide cutting-edge solutions that empower Emergency Communication Centers (ECCs) and responders to act swiftly and decisively in critical situations. Our latest innovation, the Critical Incident Board (CIB), represents a leap forward in situational awareness and response coordination for call takers and field responders. The Critical Incident Board is a valuable tool that empowers telecommunicators and ECC Supervisors using Radius Mapping, as well as field responders with visibility through our Lightning mobile app, with a visual representation of incidents, facilitating quicker responses, efficient resource allocation, and improved coordination among response teams during critical situations.  

What is the Critical Incident Board?

The Critical Incident Board (CIB) is a revolutionary feature built within the Radius platform (coming soon to Lightning in 2024), designed to offer ECCs unparalleled visibility and control during emergencies. With the CIB, authorized users can create, manage and view digital dashboards that aggregate and present live feeds from CCTV cameras and RapidVideo sessions based on defined locations or incident areas. Essentially, the CIB acts as a centralized hub for visualizing multiple media sources in real-time, providing a comprehensive overview of ongoing incidents, emergencies, or planned events.

Prior to developing our Critical Incident Board, we saw a few areas in the market that needed a better solution. Critical Incident Board is a powerful tool in responsive emergency situations, such as a high-stress robbery, where ECCs need the ability to quickly see live camera feeds all in one place to track a suspect’s location in proximity to the crime. Or in a school safety situation where a panic signal is triggered at a school and the ECC needs to monitor the surrounding area. With CIB, ECC supervisors can quickly create a CIB to monitor CCTV camera feeds and RapidVideo sessions, enabling swift response.

Another scenario where a CIB is useful is during a planned response situation, like a large event at a stadium. In this situation we foresee the need for ECCs to proactively monitor activity in and around the venue, ensuring preparedness and rapid response to potential incidents.      

Key Features of the Critical Incident Board:

  • Creation and Management: Users with specific permissions can easily create, edit and close CIBs. Essential details such as name, location, and geofence distance are required for setup.
  • Visual Representation: CIBs are displayed on the Radius map as target icons in distinct colors, allowing for easy identification and access.
  • Real-time Media Streaming: The CIB automatically pulls CCTV camera feeds and RapidVideo sessions within the configured geofence area, offering immediate visual insights.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Users can conveniently view, edit and copy relevant location information directly from the CIB interface, facilitating seamless dispatching and external communication.
  • Flexible Configuration: Integration with Skyline CCTV camera layers enables hassle-free setup for CIB functionality.


How Does It Work?

The Critical Incident Board revolutionizes emergency response in several ways:

  • Centralized Visual Information: By condensing various media streams into a unified display, the CIB provides ECCs with a comprehensive view of ongoing incidents, aiding in response planning and decision-making.
  • Real-time Insights: With live media streams automatically aggregated and displayed, the CIB offers immediate insights into unfolding situations, enabling rapid responses.
  • Efficient Coordination: Organizing media streams based on proximity to the central incident allows responders to prioritize actions effectively, enhancing coordination efforts.
  • Enhanced Monitoring Capabilities: ECC staff can continuously monitor incidents through the visual representation provided by the CIB, ensuring targeted response efforts.
  • Ease of Access and Information Sharing: Relevant location information can be easily accessed and shared directly from the CIB interface, streamlining communication and navigation.


Critical Incident Boards Empowers Unprecedented Situational Awareness

RapidDeploy’s CIB offering is the latest innovation enabling unprecedented situational awareness and response capabilities. At RapidDeploy, our mission is to revolutionize emergency response through innovation and technology, which is why we're committed to empowering ECCs with the tools they need to do their job more efficiently. With the Critical Incident Board, we're one step closer to realizing that vision, empowering ECCs and responders to save lives and protect communities more effectively than ever before.

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