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Enhancing School Safety: Announcing RapidDeploy and Raptor Technologies Partnership to Streamline Emergency Response

The RapidDeploy team is proud to announce a pivotal integration between RapidDeploy and Raptor Technologies, a leading panic button provider for school safety, with integrated solutions for schools to prevent, prepare, respond and recover from any emergency.  With a legacy spanning over two decades, Raptor Technologies has been at the forefront of school safety, providing comprehensive software solutions that ensure the welfare of students and staff. In this new era of heightened security for schools across the United States, this partnership supports our commitment to safeguard children, schools and first responders with cutting-edge and innovative technology.

A Timely Alliance for Safety

Unfortunately, we are living in a time of increased threats to our schools where the landscape of challenges continues to evolve for educational institutions. By incorporating Raptor’s panic button alert system into our Next Gen 911 solutions, we are setting a new standard for emergency response times and efficiency.

Through this partnership, when a panic alert is activated within a school, critical emergency response data is instantly channeled to the appropriate 911 agencies through RapidDeploy’s Radius Mapping platform. Details such as the incident’s nature, the school's name, location coordinates and the initiator's contact information are shared—all within seconds.  This critical information is quickly and effectively communicated to first responders, providing help for those in need.

The Value of Our Partnership to Emergency Response Teams

RapidDeploy's partnership with Raptor Technologies provides PSAP’s a single pane of glass to visualize panic button events, geo-referenced to an agency's authoritative GIS data, along with:

·      Location of mobile callers while in motion

·      Plots of indoor floor plans

·      Situational awareness data such as aerial imagery

·      CCTV camera feeds to provide a comprehensive view of resources and the situation

Instant notifications and specific sound alerts within Radius ensure that responders are promptly alerted to Raptor panic button signals, even if their mobile devices are on silent mode. The integration also sends alerts based on location, which allows seamless switching between buildings or campuses without the need for reconfiguration, further streamlining emergency response operations.

By integrating Raptor Alert with Radius Mapping, our direct connection ensures that mission-critical data from Raptor Alert is delivered directly toECCs through RapidDeploy's Radius Mapping solution, enabling faster and more effective emergency response efforts. Raptor data will also be seamlessly integrated with RapidDeploy’s Lightning, our Next Gen 911 mobile app for field responders. This means that whether in the control room or on the ground, responders will have immediate access to vital information via their devices.

Legislative Support and Broader Impact

Our partnership with Raptor Technologies aligns with Alyssa's Law, critical legislation addressing the issue of law enforcement response time when a life-threatening emergency occurs, and drives a new safety standard in schools that supports the widespread adoption of panic button technology. As a result of legislative mandates, federal and state funding for school safety related products and services are available and becoming more readily accessible, ensuring schools are equipped to act quickly in emergencies, from lockdowns to evacuations.

Together, We Make a Difference

With this partnership announcement, we aim to empower faster and more effective emergency response and provide ECCs, telecommunicators and first responders with fast and accurate critical information to protect lives during school-related emergencies. For every student, teacher and parent, we're not just offering a solution, we’re moving towards a future where safety comes first, every time. When it comes to our schools and the people in them, every moment matters, and so does our response.

To learn more about how RapidDeploy and Raptor Technologies are revolutionizing school safety check out the full press release.

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