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Celebrating Heroic Actions: RapidDeploy Honors Derrik Gregg with Superstar Award

Last year, RapidDeploy was thrilled to introduce the RapidDeploy Superstar Award, a national award recognizing extraordinary individuals who have significantly impacted lives by leveraging Next Generation 911 technology.

This award specifically honors heroes from ECCs and PSAPs nationwide that have effectively utilized RapidDeploy’s technology in a life-saving emergency incident.

Communications Supervisor Derrik Gregg from Scottsdale Police Department Receives the Superstar Award for His Life-Saving Efforts  

On Friday, September 1, 2023, at approximately 0238 hours, Communications Supervisor Derrik Gregg received a 911 call that disconnected shortly after he answered. Derrik was able to see on RapidDeploy’s Radius Map that the caller was on Hayden near McCormick Parkway, and he was also able to see subsequent location changes. Derrik initiated a Call For Service for a 911 welfare check. At the same time, Derrik selected “request additional information,” a feature request on RapidDeploy that signifies that the 911 center feels there is a potential emergency, and will send the requestor any emergency information previously entered into a smartphone by the caller (name, emergency contact, and home address).

On Derrik’s second call to the phone, a female answered and quickly stated that she would call him back. Derrik asked her if she had an emergency, to which she replied,“Yes” and then hung up the phone. Using the information on the supplemental information from the caller’s phone, Derrik ran a query through ACJIS to find vehicles registered to a person with the caller’s name. At this time, Officer A and Trainee Officer B made a stop on a vehicle traveling northbound on Hayden by matching the license plate that Derrik had relayed.

Officers A and B, with other officers and the sergeant backing them up, approached the vehicle and determined that the female passenger of the vehicle needed medical attention. Investigation revealed that the male driver had run over the female passenger prior to leaving with her in the vehicle from a bar in Scottsdale. The female had been unable to speak freely because she was afraid of the driver.

This call came to a successful ending due to the quick actions by Communications Supervisor Derrik Gregg.

It is likely that the actions taken by Scottsdale Communications and Patrol saved this young woman’s life that night.

The Power of RapidDeploy Technology Plays a Pivotal Role in Life-Saving Response

Derrik's actions epitomize the dedication and resilience of our first responders. He exemplified extraordinary life-saving impact with his quick thinking and decisive actions, and his heroic efforts not only saved a life but also showcased the power of innovative technology in emergency situations. His mastery of our technology played a pivotal role in this life-saving operation. We commend Derrik Gregg for his unwavering commitment to public safety and his extraordinary contribution to his community, and we proudly announce Derrik Gregg as the recipient of RapidDeploy's quarterly Superstar Award.

RapidDeploy National Superstar Award

The RapidDeploy Superstar Award recognizes exceptional bravery and outstanding contributions to emergency response. Through real-life examples like Derrik Gregg's, we highlight the impact of innovative technology in saving lives. We encourage nominations and submissions of heroic stories from first responders across the nation, showcasing the remarkable efforts of those on the front lines.

As we celebrate Derrik Gregg's achievements, we also reflect on the broader mission of RapidDeploy. Founded in 2016, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the public safety sector. Our cloud-native platform delivers intelligent information throughout the emergency response journey, empowering agencies and first responders to drive better outcomes in mission-critical situations.

The recognition of RapidDeploy as a Most Innovative Company in 2024 by Fast Company further validates our commitment to excellence. We are proud to lead the charge in reshaping emergency response, reducing response times, and ultimately saving lives. With a curated partner network and a relentless focus on innovation, we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in public safety.

Innovative Technology Is Changing 911

At RapidDeploy, we believe in the power of technology to make a difference. Derrik Gregg's story is a testament to that belief. His swift action, supported by our innovative solutions, demonstrates the impact of collaboration between technology and human ingenuity. As we celebrate Derrik's heroism, we renew our dedication to advancing public safety and driving positive change in communities worldwide.

Together, we will continue to innovate, inspire, and save lives.

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