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2023 RapidDeploy Superstar Award Celebrates Heroes in Emergency Response

This year, we were thrilled to introduce the RapidDeploy Superstar Award, recognizing extraordinary individuals who have significantly impacted lives by leveraging Next Gen 911 technology.

This award specifically honors. heroes from ECCs and PSAPs nationwide that have effectively utilized RapidDeploy’s Radius Mapping solution in a life-saving emergency incident.

Walton County Sheriff's Office, Florida
Heather Mayo’s heroic act leveraging live video, real-time location tracking, and mobile signals to rescue a man who fell overboard

Heather Mayo, the first Superstar awardee, was recognized in August 2023 for her exceptional use of RapidDeploy's technology during a critical emergency.

Using precise caller location combined with RapidVideo and location tracking, Heather and her team at Walton County Sheriff’s Office orchestrated a rescue operation, saving the life of a man who had fallen overboard and drifted far away from this boat. Heather was able to communicate with the caller (his wife) and used live video to help her restart the engine and find her husband in the bay.  

Riverside County Sheriff's Office, California

Meghan Gonzalez leveraged real-time text messaging and location tracking to coordinate the effective rescue of a kidnapping victim

Meghan Gonzalez was awarded RapidDeploy’s Superstar award in October 2023, after displaying remarkable quick thinking during a terrifying kidnapping incident. Meghan quickly realized the caller was not able to speak and initiated a text conversation, enabling Meghan to obtain her location, track her movements in real-time, and gather crucial information—all powered by Radius Mapping. Her actions underscored the invaluable role that Next Gen 911 technology plays in responding to emergencies, leading to the victim's safe recovery and the apprehension of the suspect.

Join Us in Celebrating Our Heroes

Meghan and Heather’s stories inspire us and highlight the significant, life-saving role that these heroes play everyday.  We are honored that RapidDeploy can support first responders, within the ECC/PSAP and in the field with critical data and applications.  

💬 We welcome your stories of how RapidDeploy has impacted your community. Share your experiences and help us spotlight more heroes:

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