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RapidDeploy Expands Cloud-Native Platform for Public Safety with New Emergency Call Handling Solution, RapidONE

RapidDeploy Expands Cloud-Native Platform for Public Safety with New Emergency Call Handling Solution, RapidONE

Fully based in the cloud, RapidONE combines 911 call handling and mapping, establishing a more efficient, resilient, and portable solution – all within a single pane of glass

AUSTIN,TX June 15, 2023 - RapidDeploy, the leading cloud-native solution provider for Public Safety, today announced its new, browser-based call handling solution, RapidONE. RapidONE enables hybrid work environments and eliminates legacy data silos by displaying all call-related information on a single screen, also known as a "single pane of glass."

Today, the majority of calls received by 911 centers are processed using outdated on-premises call handling solutions, which are unable to leverage next generation mapping technology. These centers are also facing a significant staffing crisis. NENA reports a 30% staffing shortage on average at 911 call centers across the nation. While a recent survey by the International Academies of Dispatch (IAED) and the National Association of State 911 Administrators (NASNA),expands on this and shows that 89% of centers surveyed have some vacancies.

This dual challenge underscores the critical need for a solution like RapidONE, which can address the limitations of legacy call handling systems, provide flexibility for the pressing staffing shortage, and consolidate the multi-monitor cumbersome workflows, ensuring efficient and effective emergency response.

RapidONE is embedded in RapidDeploy’s primary call-taking map, Radius Mapping, which provides a single platform for mission critical unified communications and supplemental data, including mobile location, situational awareness, GIS data, along with modern communication tools like two-way texting with AI-powered live translation, and streaming video from the caller’s handset. This streamlines the emergency response workflow and drives better outcomes.

“Our cloud-native platform is unifying call handling and mapping into one solution to simplify mission critical workflows, from the moment the call is answered to the moment resources are dispatched into the field,“ said Steve Raucher, CEO ofRapidDeploy. “Every moment matters, and the speed at which we can answer and connect 911 calls with the critical information powered by a resilient, single pane of glass is life-saving.”

RapidONE is built to i3 NENA standards, supports ESInet, and enables Telecommunicators and 911 agencies to benefit from having a single solution for communicating with callers and accessing the intelligent information they need to act fast, with accuracy and confidence from anywhere.

“Fusing cloud-native call handling and mapping into one solution is a major upgrade for public safety,” said Jacob Saur, ECC Administrator at Arlington ECC, which has been using RapidDeploy Radius Mapping since last year. “Call handling fully supported by the cloud and integrated with a primary map delivers the most critical touch points all in one place and provides a new level of resiliency and portability. Public safety teams can expect new opportunities for staffing models such as remote call-taking and the ability to have backup centers outside of traditional boundaries - all of which impact frontline support and the speed at which we can respond to critical incidents.”

RapidDeploy is currently deployed in over 1,500 emergency communications centers nationwide and integrates a robust network of partners and applications in a centralized Next Generation 911 ecosystem.

RapidONE will be available later this year. For more information, email


About RapidDeploy

Founded in 2016, and based in Austin, TX, RapidDeploy is the leading cloud-native platform for public safety. We provide Telecommunicators, first responders, and911 agencies with Next Generation solutions that deliver intelligent information and drive better outcomes in mission critical situations. With a curated partner network, our platform combines mobile signals, critical datasets and call information into a single screen, improving emergency response with location accuracy, situational awareness, streamlined workflows and on-demand insights. Our products improve outcomes and ultimately save lives. In 2023, RapidDeploy earned recognition as a prominent company to watch on the GovTech 100 list, and as one of the best places to work by Built In. Learn more at

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